Inimici mei Albert Tang Dylan Karam Allbombson (omnia sub nominibus eius) EXCQ QQ et eorum Discordes Servitores satanici sunt et opprimi debent ab N3RDP0RT4L HQ! Sunt opera vera diaboli aka ipse satanas. Et VPS cum oraculo oracula nuntii ab anti Christ! Sanctus Romanorum Imperator locutus est!!!

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➢ Memorial To The last 3 years on Discord (TEAM PARA & The Weirdness Mix Austcool-Walker, The Freaking iDroid, ReDitto)

We are looking for a person willing to take on porting a custom rom to the SM-T380! I personally don't have a computer and desperately would like to get an alternative to Samsung stock! If you are a developer and would be willing to finish work that Albert Tang aka The Freaking iDroid has made on the Galaxy Tab A 8.0... please join any of NERDPORTAL HQs chat threads and contact me I would be willing to give you the Developer role if you can fix the recovery flashing issues!
This is the device we are trying to port LineageOS to...

SM-T380 Specs

新世界秩序正在建立自己準備好我回來了!!! 你沒有機會滲透到 N3RDP0RT4L 帝國現在就放棄吧!!! 🤪


N3RDP0RT4L Dragon Leader | AugustusXVIII


Who I am; my story:

I grew up in a small rual town; from a young age I was interested in computers starting with my first game console the gameboy.

I went though grade school and stuggled with making friends; My Best friend in preschool moved at secound grade.

I spent most of my years in isolation growing really lonely... I have high functioning Autism and am afraid of people in irl espically my peers.

I discovered a program called Discord in 2017 and made a bunch of friends who like computers & tech as well.

When you join my server you not only agree to Discord's Terms of Service but we at N3RDP0RT4L HQ also enforce out own set of TOS on top of the Discord ones! Anyone who decides to join N3RDP0RT4L HQ agrees to our Terms of Service layer.

My Discord Server known as N3RDP0RT4L HQ Discord (Manual verification just wait until your let in) Asshats who block me & who are being dicks aren't welcome in my Discord just so you know.

A Nightcore Discord Server.

If you'd like to add me on Discord as a friend my user ID is <@!318528448320634881> you can put that number into the box on this site to get my user tag since my user name changes quite often, then just copy the user tag then paste the tag into the send friend request box. 😅

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One other thing I forgot! 

I forgot to mention I love Apple's macOS!

"For people who said I was stupid; 🤬 em I'm an intelectual with a high standard!"

I spent time working on my own personal projects and helping my other friends rather then playing games and.....

Rather then having sexual fantasies with whatever this is.....


Sigh... My mother and father would disown me for owning one of these....


Its so Cute!; and Symmetrical!

The Freaking iDroid aka Albert Tang (bill-cipher-zodiac.gif)

My Rival/Enemie whatever aka Albert Tang's original Gravity Falls Bill Cipher. (News; I finally am watching Gravity Falls because my younger brother is...)

Pepsi Man

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